Selective Channeling December 2, 2018 July 10, 2019 as417k

Channeling is a phenomenon which has been with us since the dawn of civilization. So let’s look at channeling and selective channeling. What is it all about? Most recently there was a resurgence in the 1960s with the very popular Seth books.

After that followed closely Ramtha, Lazaris, Ashtar and a plethora of others. At one time this was called inspired writing in the way one would say that God did not write the Bible directly, but there were human authors who were inspired to write what they saw deeply within themselves when they connected to their source.

Remember well Marianne Williamson’s deep insight, “Our greatest fears are not that we’re powerless. Our greatest fears are that we’re powerful beyond any measure.” In the channeled sources you will find some of the best insights and meditations available today.

During the past week have you felt that you have gone back down into that black abyss, the one that you thought you left behind years ago?

Do you feel as if you are wandering around in the dark knowing that something is going on but you can’t identify what it is? Are you hitting one obstruction and delay after another and not able to effect any control on current projects? Are you flitting in and out of depression but don’t really have anything to be depressed about? Do you feel that you are alone again, that there are no affirmations, and that everything seems to be happening in another room but you can’t find the door?

If you relate to the above you are undoubtedly a member of the first wave and currently involved in healing and cleansing the mass consciousness of our planet. This means having to visit the dark murky depths of the void to engage and transmute the energies of hatred, isolation, and fear. These emotions have been the controlling energies on this planet for the last 12,000 years and now is the time for them to be released and transmuted into love, compassion, unity, and peace.

This transmutation process is what members of the first wavers are here to do and this is done on an internal level, with or without conscious awareness. Thus, a first waver is called upon to enter the dark labyrinth of the void but unlike previous visits, this one is not about dealing with personal issues but with clearing collective forces and prosperity. If you are feeling a bit disconnected realize that it is only because you are busy transmuting the energies and that this is a side effect.

You may also be finding that during the past week that you are sleeping longer or wanting to nap occasionally, or maybe just feeling that you want to be quiet and peaceful, and because all your tasks and projects have suddenly come to a halt, (even your internal processing) that you have no alternative but to do so.

Whilst the first wavers are feeling a bit disorientated as they move more deeply through the transmuting process, those members of the second wave are also feeling the effects of the delays and obstructions and on the global arena, the dark energies are rampaging out of control, as many people become overwhelmed by anger, lust, greed, hatred, violence, and fear. Unfortunately, this is a side effect of releasing the dark forces to be healed and cleansed and can be likened to opening Pandora’s box.

Once the lid has been lifted everything is exposed to the light and the dark is enraged because it does not understand that the light is love. Those people caught up in the violence and fear will settle in time, but we must help them weather this change because they are unable to help themselves at this stage, not even through alternative healing. The full force of these unleashed energies will be felt right up to the equinox in September, after which the pendulum will move back to the center. So what can we do during the next two weeks?

First of all, we must remain calm and detached from the strong emotions that are playing out around us. By this, I do not mean that we should stop ourselves from feeling our emotions, but rather that we use self-discipline to control how we react to the situations which personally confront us. Try and show some compassion to those people who are feeling very vulnerable just now because they are unaware that they are participating in a massive shift in consciousness.

In the case of world events, it helps to cut out all interaction with the media, which means turning off the TV and the radio and to stop reading the newspaper because when we get caught up in the emotional traumas in progress we are actively giving our energy to those dark forces. Meditate on peace and love, not on the violence and drama.

Finally, there is something else that we can all do to help restore some internal, as well as external, balance, and that is to get out into nature. Dig in your garden if you have one, sit on a bench in the local park or stroll through the forest, or by the river, lake or sea.

If none of these environments are available, find a tree which is planted in the ground and hug it. The result of the embrace not only gives love to the tree but allows the tree to clean off any negative energy you are carrying which it sends down into the earth where it is transmuted. Don’t hug a tree which is planted in a pot for the energy will stay in the pot and the poor thing will struggle for life.

If you live in a high-rise apartment building and/or work all day in an air-conditioned building, get yourself into the fresh air as often as you can. Open all the windows if possible, ask the nature spirits to come in and clean your space, and then go out for a half-hour and leave them to it. Do this every couple of days. Even in the middle of a concrete jungle, the nature spirits are actively present and if you let them help you keep fresh and calm this will directly affect the whole planet.

We are all connected in spirit, and what affects one, affects all. This is the time to unblock and clear out the obsolete and the unnecessary. To actively embrace freedom and change at every level. To welcome a new way of thinking and being. To transmute fear into love.