Identity Matrix and Spiritual Science January 7, 2019 July 10, 2019 as417k

In science, just as in any other aspect of the beautiful matrix of life, a question gives birth to another question, an idea creates another idea, and until a certain idea or thought can be accumulated, other ideas and questions pop up, just as they were there all along and waited to be harvested. So here, we’ll take a closer look at Identity Matrix and Spiritual Science.

As we’re heading towards the year 2020, many ideas and issues arise in the minds of the people of planet earth: judgment day, the coming of the space people, all sorts of apocalypses, consciousness transformation, the antichrist, and so forth.

We find ourselves in a foggy mess, blinded by the sheer size of information that we know in the age of the global village, and everyone thinks they have the final solution like in channeling, everyone thinks they have the answer to the big ones: air pollution, atmospheric changes, oceanic problems, the extinction of many important species, failures in the immune system, problems in masculine fertility, ever-growing crime, uncaringness, hypocrisy, growing psychological and physical problems caused by the modern lifestyle and other symptoms keep reminding us that it is not so.

No one, yet, has the answer to the big existential question. There are no prophecies. Few will mention in their answer to this question terms ranging between unconditional love, emotions, nice music and money, power and control. But bottom line, we just don’t know…. yet. Most of us are too busy in everyday survival and cannot answer to such deep, and ridiculous to some, questions.

That is why, in our attempts to solve the existential question, the people of planet earth divide into two sectors: the scientific community (also included in it are the skeptics and atheists of all sorts) and the religious/spiritual community (religious people of all sorts and the new age people). A conflict is created here between the two sides: rationality versus the emotions and faith conflict and let’s face it, there are no alternative healing solutions here.

Now, we start asking ourselves: “is this the way we wish to remember the years behind us and the 20th century? as a century filled with wars, injustice, and corruption?” Indeed, this is the way the 20th century will be remembered many years from now, when the next generation of the amazingly sophisticated computer owners and maybe even some undreamed of technologies, will sit by the fireplace or the television set (if the last will still exist, or maybe we will be able to direct the programs right into our brains?).

This is an unchangeable fact. We have created a 20th century filled with modern, materialistic, and technological advancements next to a blinding injustice, immorality, and abuse to the planet that satisfies us with the resources for the same advancement. And we haven’t stopped it yet! Sounds ironic? Indeed, it is. Would perhaps Quantum Awakening help?

But how all of this has started? Where? When? Why? Does it really matter? I prefer to think that it does. Because there is a problem, there is a need for a solution. In my viewpoint, whenever there is a problematic issue, we need to have a historical sense and dig deep into the past of our life of abundance. The proofs are very visible and have no need to expend in words here. A pair of hands will not be enough to count the potential disasters that are floating a few inches above our heads now. Potential disasters that we have created.

The science community endlessly tries to provide answers to the needs of the world, but also with that, creates new problematic issues. New technology equals a growing amount of people interested in control equals a growing social problem, social gap, and so forth and forth. Is the cold and empirical rationalization method of dealing with problems enough in order to answer the questions that take hold of the entire humanity, a humanity that is currently making its first steps in the course which is called “self-awareness”?

In order to penetrate the root of this problem, we have to agree that the root is placed in modern thinking patterns and forms. The same form of thinking that doesn’t allow cooperation of two sides. Be it science and spirituality, two nations that are going through a war, or two individuals in conflict with each other.