Spiritual Wisdom, Energy, and Shen Chi April 2, 2019 July 10, 2019 as417k

Shen Chi means SPIRITUAL ENERGY. It is a healing system that has been developed after 35 years of intensive study in the spiritual, mystical, metaphysical realm, and hands-on healing experience with many modalities for over 30 years. So let’s dig a little deeper into the concepts of Spiritual Wisdom, Energy, and Shen Chi.

It is in part based on Reiki, Healing Touch, and other energy healing modalities, and in part on EFT ™.  It has been over 5,000 years that the Chinese and other Eastern practitioners of healing have known and worked with the energy body, as distinct from the physical body.

The Chinese word “Shen” means Spirit. Spirit meaning the invisible, unseen realm, in the sense that all things visible, or manifested are brought forth from the invisible, a correlative of this being “universal essence”. “Chi” is the Chinese word for the Japanese “Ki”, the Sanscrit word “Prana”, the Egyptian word “Ka”, to the western mind translated as life force, or simply Energy.

This life force is the unseen, but well-defined energy that courses through our physical system, which in fact is the pattern behind our physicality. The skeletal structure gives form to the body, but without the muscular structure we could not ambulate, without the blood flow through the system we could not be nourished, and without the breath, we could not survive. All add to what we call “Life” but behind this life, as we know it on the physical level, there is a greater Life activating it, giving it form. See also: Emotional Freedom Techniques and Shen Chi.

This Greater Life has been called by many names in different philosophical systems. From the exotic esoteric unpronounceable names in some of the Eastern philosophies to the simpler exoteric names of western thought. If you understand what meditation encompasses, you’ll get a better picture. For our purposes the simple term “Energy Body” will suffice, as long as we are all in the same place here, understanding that “Energy Body” is something distinctly different and separate from, but is enveloped within the physical body.

For the more left-brained among us, think of Einstein’s formula, E = MC², matter and energy as equal and interchangeable. This can be interpreted as matter being simply vibrating energy in form.  And for those that need further “proof”, I refer you to the studies done in the USSR, in the late 1930s by Soviet scientists S.V. and D. Kirlian, where they discovered a method of observing and photographing this living essence in high-frequency electrical fields. This was about basic metaphysics. The results were quite remarkable.

After over 13 years experiments in the laboratory with every kind of living creature, including both the animal and plant kingdom, they found that all living things have both a physical body and an energy body AND that, “any imbalance seen in the energy body was in time reflected in the physical body.”

The most exciting part of the study for a healer is the discovery by these scientists that the energy body had an existence of its own. When a part of a leaf was cut off the pattern of the leaf [it’s essence] still showed as a whole leaf in the photograph. So did people with missing parts of limbs still show a complete energy body, as if the limb were still there!

In these Soviet experiments, it was also shown that the energy body was affected very rapidly by emotions, states of minds, thoughts, alcohol and other addictive substances, as well as physical pain.

These ancient concepts going back to the dawn of time, to the earliest recorded concepts of prehistory, now scientifically proven, are the basis of most alternative healing modalities.

Centuries ago the Chinese found, observed and mapped this energy body. This map was called ‘meridians’ and is the basis of the ancient art of acupuncture and the more modern acupressure.

Although slowly growing in awareness in the western medical field, in the East acupuncture was and still is the primary healing modality, not only for curing diseases but also for prevention of illnesses.

This brief overview brings us to Shen Chi, which is based in part in its beginning stages on Emotional Freedom Techniques™, a modality discovered by Dr. Callahan a psychotherapist living and practicing in California, and further refined and taught by Gary Craig and Adrienne Fowlie.

The basic concept of EFT is based on: “The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system