The Awakening Summary November 11, 2018 July 10, 2019 as417k

For several years now, you have been asked on conscious and subconscious levels to stand in the position of your light, to take responsibility for your life, and for your destiny. So here we’ll be looking at the Awakening Summary.

For several years you have been pulled, prodded, and propped up by what you know to be the celestial lights, the stellar lights, the lights that extend outside of your earthly knowing and understanding. You have looked above. You have looked beyond. But, you have spent little time realizing that the galaxies, the nebulae, the expansions that you so seek is living within the very essence of your own being.

You have asked to be ready, not with water, not with food, not with sundries, but you have asked to read with light. You have asked to be standing tall in your own essence, in your own self, and in your own goodness and goddesses.

You’ve turned the corner into the next millennium, now you turn the corner into the highest wattage of God’s extensional light that has ever entered the formatted 3rd-dimensional Earth plane. But are you ready? It is but a blink before the millennium enters you. It is not you who entered the new millennium almost nineteen years back.

Many of you are still playing at being enlightened beings who know about alternative healing. You still play at the game of new age. You still play at the game of prophecy. Moving a thought, moving a piece, moving a foot, but have you actually moved anywhere? You all wait for your “Get Out Jail Free” card in the next draw, in the next breath, or the next expression. But will the fates honor you with such a card?

You still hold your breath waiting to exhale knowing that if you hold your breath long enough as a spoilt child that the creator will rush in and rescue you and keep you from turning blue into a Smurf or Smurfette. It is not Papa Smurf who rescues you this time little ones, IT IS YOU!

You can hold your breath. It’s not a prophecy. You can turn blue, you can turn pink, you can turn tangerine, or you can turn rainbow. It matters not what colors you project. Nothing comes to lift you out of this dimensional flux that is known and seen and loved as the Earth.

You all stand in a very long line that winds around the Earth over and over again waiting in jubilation for the millennium. You take one step at a time into it, placing your chess pieces appropriately at that very minute, that every time the clock strikes twelve is the number of the energy-healing hands-on day. But will you be in position energetically?

You have lied to yourselves about what it is you are to do in this earthen walk. It is as if many woodpeckers have come into your thinking and pecked upon your head over and over again trying to get you to see that where you sit in your thinking, that where you stand in your expectations is limited.

Most of you are part-time employees of the light. You work partially when it is suitable, when it is not too stressful, or when you are not too exposed to other peoples of the earth. You are about to be stripped naked in the center of a mall and everyone is about to see who you truly are. Any aspect of you that is hidden, that you yourself have not embraced no matter what shade of gray, what shade of white, or what shade of black will be shown.

What you lean upon for your livelihood, if it is a lie, if you are not happy in it, if it brings you no joy and only brings you the rent money or the mortgage money, it will be deleted from you. What is abundance? What is prosperity? The franchise of the Light that you hold within you will then be birthed.

Each of you contracted before you came to Earth for a specific position, a specific corner of the market shall we say, to franchise this outlet of Light. We use the word outlet because this is a plug-in place. It is a place that you plug-in and that you plug-in others.

Look at your planet through your minds’ eye for a minute. We will show you an example. See your Earth. Now see all of those who are franchising the Light and not holding it. See all of those who were contracted and be aware that meditation might also be helpful. Now see all of those who have not come into Light, who have not awakened yet, that need to be plugged in. THAT IS YOUR JOB!

Have you ever felt completely disconnected from your God? Have you ever felt completely disconnected from your Light, from your gifts, from your spiritual gifts? We will tend to push buttons on this statement, but it is necessary. If you do not walk into the position of holding the frequency, the position of the contract of Light that you secured with the Creator before you incarnated, you will be bumped.

We do not mean bumped off the planet or kicked off the planet for where would you go? But you will be bumped from your connection in order that another may adhere to your positioning.

It is as this. You are each as chess pieces, or dominoes, or checkers, and, it matters not what game you see yourself in. You have held your position and you have not moved necessarily forward in decreeing your uniqueness, your abilities, your self. The chess piece has stayed still.

Each of you in this room, including the one that we speak through, knows that there are certain situations that must be expressed in a physical matter before the millennium enters. You have been told and told and told within yourself, within your dreams, and others have walked up to you and said it. You each know what it is. It has nothing to do with the self. It has nothing to do with you as a person. It has to do with you as a soul.

If you choose not to move forward and you stay stationary in your doubt, stay stationary in your fear, and stay stationary in your humanness, there will be another that will be issued your contract. When the contract is issued to another human being, you will feel a great disconnection.

That disconnection is because the self-aspect, the human aspect of you knows that it has failed the objective, it has failed the contract that was promised to the Creator. It will be the human that disconnects as someone else moves in to pick up the slack, to pick up the holes so to speak for others have dropped it.

This is not to be taken personally. This is to be addressed and understood that it is of dire necessity to have another in your position, to have another do what is needed. Each one of you on Earth that are of the LIGHT TEAM, that have contracted to take giant steps where other ones have contracted to take baby steps, is as a brick in the many mansions of the Father, in the many houses of the Creator.

If ONE brick, just one, does not take its position, then the entire house will fall. All of you are being asked to walk forward, to be strong, to be determined, to be filled with spiritual strength and spiritual will, and not to be afraid. Be fearless. For the longer that you wait, the more the prophecies of doom and gloom will be animated and enacted.

You are all upon the blueprint that is used to build this structure on this Earthship, Terra, or Gaia. But as with all subcontractors, you can be replaced. Now we come to speak this to you because – yes, it does and will make you angry that we could say such a thing.

But we are saying this to you for you to use the anger or the sadness or whatever it is that you feel at these words, to propel yourself forward into movement. It is of necessity, this movement. The more humanity moves, the less the earth moves. Do you understand?

The more that you move forward, the more that you stride into the future, into your position, into what your heart screams at you to do, the less the flesh of the earth will move, the less explosions, the less tidal waves, the less damaging scenarios. If you sit upon your haunches for too long, you will not have a place to call home as you know it.

If you sit upon your haunches and you cry as you see everything and everyone around you going through devastation and sadness and fear and annihilation than you are just as responsible as the very situations that happen.

Get up on your high horse if you need to. Rush into your destiny! Be fearless in what and how you move forward. There is nothing on this earth that can hurt you except you. What is the one thing that you feel is the most painful thing on earth, it is love, it is the rejection of love, it the failure of love, it is the lie of love. The most spectacular gift that was ever given humans is feared and many times walked away from.

We ask you, as the Pleiadians who come to speak in the name of All Who is Holy and All That There Is, to not walk away from this next step of your journey. No matter how afraid you are walking into it, no matter how your knees knock, no matter how your heart beats – walk forward towards what is screaming inside of your head and heart that needs to be done.

It is not the God in you that is afraid, it is the Self in you that is afraid. Call upon the Goodness that you are and walk forward projecting, emanating, and resounding your Light. You have been issued as a planet more Light, more Love, more Solar emanations from the great Central Sun than any other planet known in existence up until this time. That is how much God wants you to succeed, not secede from the union but succeed in the union.

The universe is not allowed to play patty cakes with you, to lead you around by the hand or by the nose or the little red wagon. But, it certainly can explode in joy and explode in love and let you see it and feel it and know it. All of the Light Shows, all of the spectacular births of new universes, of new galaxies, of nebulae, of new suns is for you. Because you are the last hope. You do not understand this. You are the last hope. If this experiment fails, all others will be canceled by proxy.

If humanity can not wake up and remember their divinity, then all other existences that were birthed along the same genetic formats as you will dissolve. You do not just hold the fate of the earth in your hands, or your family, or your home, or your state, or your land. You hold the fate of all others like you in your hand.

Humans have not seen that their world is combined of millions of universes, all rolled up into one. You have macrocosms and microcosms on every level of existence simultaneously living together. You have dimension and multi-dimensions living together. You have bacteria and viruses living together. You have species of animals that were brought from all over the universe living together. And people genetically engineered from all systems of the stars attempting to live together.

Your wind is of conscious awareness, your water is of conscious awareness, your dirt is enlightened. The mosquitoes have their own place in the universe. They come as well. Did you ever stop to think about that every bug upon your planet is a possibility of being an alien or extra-terrestrial? Do they not look like it? How about many of the animals that come? Do they not look like they are from another existence, another time? You have the past, present, and future skipping down the road together here. None of this as an accumulative adventure exists in any other place. All else is subsidiaries of such a place. You look to your skies for UFOs.

Everything on this planet is not from here. Wake up, people. It is not something that is going to happen. It is something that has already happened, has always been! None of you are from Earth. None of you!

Understand this. You hold the fate of the world, your world, your earth, and everything that was ever birthed after it, in your hands by your choices, by your thoughts, by your heartbeat, by your words. God so loved you that he gave you everything wrapped up in your playpen. He brought all of his creations together for you. And so far all of them have done quite well together except for the people.

There is a mutual understanding between your animals, your insects, your stones, your grasses, your leaves, your flowers – but have you shown that courtesy not to each other? Be strong. Go forward. In this next seventeen months — seventeen months is all — you have the ability to birth a universe of possibilities. Not for self, it is not for self, and you know it! If it was for self, you could do it. It is not for self. Stand up tall in your Light, and walk forward with a determined stride and a fearless energy that you can not fail.

Do you understand that none of you can fail if you move into this positioning? Most of what keeps you immobilized is money. You cannot do this without money. You cannot do this because you will not make enough. Money, money, money. It is a scream of this planet, your planet. Everything depends upon it or so it seems. It is a lie. It is a lie that has been propagated to keep you thinking that you are less than what you really are. And a lie that tells you something small and menial and made out of bark carvings and ink and the color of plants is greater than you.

YOU, that was placed on this earth with all of God’s creations around you – just for you.

Do you think this bark and this ink and these letters are greater than you? Earth is one of the very few places where the essence of money is worshipped, money as an exchange unit. Look again one day at the money you have in your wallet and then look at yourself in the mirror and then look down at that money again and then look at yourself again.

Which is greater? Who does the money work for? Who controls it? Who spends it? Who tells it what to do? You do! It owns you not. But we come to ease your fears, your monetary fears. That when you step into your positioning – and for each of you it is different – that money is not an obstacle.

God does not ask you to live less than abundantly in order to do for him. The Creator does not want you to lose yourself in order to adhere to the wishes of the universe. It is all about expansion. It is not about contraction. It is all about expansion. By moving forward, you will always expand in awareness, in finances, in abilities, in light. Always, the movement is expansion. Standing still is shrinking. Standing still is contracting and you are losing yourself each day that you stand still. You all know that. You know exactly of what we are speaking.

We will leave at this time. We have given you much information. We see many of you in this room are responding to these thoughts, chewing upon them, grazing upon them. Some is not so tasty is it not, but these words were necessary to help you understand why and how each situation is propagated, how much you are needed, how spectacular you are in presentation of energy, and how much you – just you, each one of you – makes a difference in entire universes. We are the Pleiadians. We leave on this eve.