Paradigm Speakers – Basic Metaphysics

Let us build a simple paradigm that will keep us in the same pew of the same church so to speak. This paradigm is nothing new, it goes back to the dawning of awareness in people. The language is merely updated and simplified. So let’s hear it from Paradigm Speakers – Basic Metaphysics.

As each of us is somebody’s child, we can be somebody’s parent also. As each is a citizen of a country, we are at the same time citizens of a continent, and to carry it to the logical conclusion, all incarnate on this dimension today are citizens of the Planet Earth. This is our physical reality.

We belong at the same time to a much larger community. We are in essence SPIRIT, having a physical manifestation, and as such we are citizens of the Omniverse.

All there is, is energy. This energy is on a continuum. Look briefly at light waves. We can see the spectrum from infrared to ultraviolet. They are all alike except in the size of the wave. Above and below this scale are many more colors we cannot see.

Emotional Rescue – Shen Chi

Let’s repeat what the basic concept EFT-Emotional Freedom Techniques is based on: “The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system”. So when we look at Emotional Rescue – Shen Chi can help reach that Emotional Freedom.

First prove it to yourself: Think of a deep hurt or traumatic experience in your past. If it was severe enough, and you are sufficiently in tune with your body, you will feel a tightness in your chest or queasiness in your stomach as you merely recall the incident.

This slight or major physical sensation is actually a disturbance in your energy body, like the ripples created on the smooth surface of a pond when you drop a stone into it.

The Bridging of Spirit and Matter

All of us who are alive today are constantly challenged by nature – physical existence. Having physical bodies, we also have physical needs. Those needs have to be met or we suffer and die. We are totally dependent upon our body for existence in this world. But we also need to center on the bridging of Spirit and Matter.

Yet while it is only our physical substrate, this dependence on the physical renders us vulnerable on more than just the physical level. Regardless of how we choose to define ourselves, we must admit that we are hostages to physical matter and, more specifically, to our ignorance of it.

The quality of our captivity, individually and collectively, depends on our relationship with nature. If we are subsistence farmers on poor land, we have one level of relationship; if we are research scientists in the laboratory, we have another. But both farmer and scientist remain vulnerable to suffering, disease, misadventure, and aging.

In society, the division of labor and specialization sometimes give us the option to interface with other people rather than directly with nature but obviously, some people must deal directly with the physical on behalf of us all — the farmer in his way and the scientist in his.

Spiritual Wisdom, Energy, and Shen Chi

Shen Chi means SPIRITUAL ENERGY. It is a healing system that has been developed after 35 years of intensive study in the spiritual, mystical, metaphysical realm, and hands-on healing experience with many modalities for over 30 years. So let’s dig a little deeper into the concepts of Spiritual Wisdom, Energy, and Shen Chi.

It is in part based on Reiki, Healing Touch, and other energy healing modalities, and in part on EFT ™.  It has been over 5,000 years that the Chinese and other Eastern practitioners of healing have known and worked with the energy body, as distinct from the physical body.

The Chinese word “Shen” means Spirit. Spirit meaning the invisible, unseen realm, in the sense that all things visible, or manifested are brought forth from the invisible, a correlative of this being “universal essence”. “Chi” is the Chinese word for the Japanese “Ki”, the Sanscrit word “Prana”, the Egyptian word “Ka”, to the western mind translated as life force, or simply Energy.

Energy Healing

Many people ask us questions about Energy Healing  These are the steps necessary to do energy healing:

A. Never, ever, work on healing someone unless they have requested it.

This is a cardinal rule in all healing modalities. The only time this rule should be broken is if a patient is comatose and the family requests help, or if you are working with your own sick child.

There are good reasons for this. First, it probably won’t do any good, because healing is ALWAYS dependent on the recipient’s belief system to be able to be healed. Second, you are apt to incur bad karma by forcing your will on someone, no matter how well-intentioned that will may be.

B. Never ever use your own energy for healing work.

There are two reasons for this. First, you deplete yourself of energy quickly and are left feeling drained, which is not a real nice place to be. Secondly, your own energy contains your own emotional garbage, which is then transferred to the client. The client may have enough problems, they do not need yours added to it.

The Awakening Summary

For several years now, you have been asked on conscious and subconscious levels to stand in the position of your light, to take responsibility for your life, and for your destiny. So here we’ll be looking at the Awakening Summary.

For several years you have been pulled, prodded, and propped up by what you know to be the celestial lights, the stellar lights, the lights that extend outside of your earthly knowing and understanding. You have looked above. You have looked beyond. But, you have spent little time realizing that the galaxies, the nebulae, the expansions that you so seek is living within the very essence of your own being.

You have asked to be ready, not with water, not with food, not with sundries, but you have asked to read with light. You have asked to be standing tall in your own essence, in your own self, and in your own goodness and goddesses.

Infinite Prosperity – What is it?

In the mundane world prosperity and abundance are defined as having more than enough. But more than enough of what? Are we really prosperous if we have a large pile of rocks in our front yard? If the large pile of rocks were diamonds, would that change our view? So let’s see: Infinite Prosperity – What is it?

Here is the crux of the matter and where perception fits in. First, we have to define what our values are. What is the difference between having 100 pebbles and 100 ten-carat diamonds? What makes a diamond valuable and a pebble less so?

This, of course, is an extreme example but used deliberately to prove a point. Whatever the material things are in our lives, they are perceived according to some arbitrary standard.

This is the basis of our perception. It is a judgment based on some learned, and probably long forgotten rule. It is our emotional reaction towards a neutral event or symbol which someone along the line has convinced us is valuable or worthless.

Healing Solutions – Shen Chi

Shen Chi is an alternative new age healing modality that’s based on ancient Chinese meridians. It is helpful for stress,  emotional problems, anger, anxiety, fear, and/or addictions. Great for children. Also for traditional healing methods. Do here, let’stake a closer look at one of the most promising Alternative Healing Solutions – Shen Chi.

Disease is very simply what the word implies, dis-ease. The body is out of ease, it has lost is the balance, its homeostasis. In the domain of metaphysics, working in the healing realm requires that one must first understand “illness.”

Illness can be described as a result of thought patterns and negative beliefs. It can be like buying into mass belief as advertised many times in the mass media such as: “This is flu and cold season.” Or it can be the result of deep-seated hurts, anger and unresolved conflicts internalized over a period of time.

Selective Channeling

Channeling is a phenomenon which has been with us since the dawn of civilization. So let’s look at channeling and selective channeling. What is it all about? Most recently there was a resurgence in the 1960s with the very popular Seth books.

After that followed closely Ramtha, Lazaris, Ashtar and a plethora of others. At one time this was called inspired writing in the way one would say that God did not write the Bible directly, but there were human authors who were inspired to write what they saw deeply within themselves when they connected to their source.

Remember well Marianne Williamson’s deep insight, “Our greatest fears are not that we’re powerless. Our greatest fears are that we’re powerful beyond any measure.” In the channeled sources you will find some of the best insights and meditations available today.

What is Abundance?

The hardest idea (almost a paradox) for most people to assimilate is that the key to universal awakening is UNIVERSAL physical abundance. Most prosperity work is aimed at the individual.

These books, workshops, formulas, and practices are geared to helping ME gain more prosperity. But MY prosperity or lack thereof is not the issue.

Whether I succeed or fail at these techniques will have very little impact beyond the scope of my ego’s personal comfort zone. The issue is OUR prosperity. The question is how to make prosperity a universal phenomenon, how to create of materiality a win-win situation.

“The problem with you folks is you have no idea what it means to be a people” Ron Evans, Native American Story Teller