Morning Meditation July 8, 2019 July 10, 2019 as417k

“Morning Meditation – To be at one with nature is to be totally unconstrained by worldly conditioning”

We are running on sensory overload, disconnected from nature, each other and our spirit. Our minds are busy and our senses are bombarded from all directions. We have become de-sensitized, stressed, and unable to enjoy the simple pleasure of just being alive. Actually, the morning is a good time for meditation.

Natural Meditation is both a philosophy and a practice. It is a philosophy of freedom: the freedom to be as we really are, without social rules and self-imposed limitations. It is a philosophy of honoring the earth, and the spirit within each of us. It is a philosophy of self-development, in tune with natural cycles. Through it, we can reconnect with nature, and ultimately with our own spiritual core, the still small voice so often buried in our hurried and over-stimulated minds.

The practice of Natural Meditation is as varied as the people who practice it. It is not a religion or a dogma, but a philosophy and a way of being, already practiced by many under a different name. It is connecting with nature, refining our senses, and reaching out to touch the hand of the divine. It can be as deep or as gentle as the person who practices it, and the only requirement is an open mind and a willingness to explore.

“The senses, used properly, liberate us from our illusionary selves and allow us to merge into the Universe”
We live in a society that bombards us with sensory information, from the time we awaken from our inadequately short sleep, so when we eventually return to bed, whatever time of day or night that may be. We live in a society that shields us from nature and our own inner natures, a society that deprives us of even the simplest joys of stargazing or feeling the elements on our skin.

We are subject to the stresses of modern living from traffic jams to deadlines, from debt problems to overworking, an emotional roller-coaster that leaves a horrific toll upon us all. The big three, cancer, heart disease and strokes are all too prevalent in our over-stressed and overindulgent society.

Many of us yearn for something, we are not sure what, but something substantial, something real. We would love to return to nature, to become true spirits of nature, to escape the madness of modern life. What we crave is no more than the natural state for a human being, one that we deny ourselves with our cluttered and noisy lives. Natural Meditation draws on many existing methods, such as meditation, complementary therapies, and naturism, to calm our inner and outer worlds, so that we can be our natural selves.

“To truly be a Naked Spirit is to be totally unconstrained by symbolic clothing and at one with heaven and earth”
Natural Meditation is the spiritual essence of practicing skyclad. It is contact with the earth and with the core of your being, untouched by worldly affairs. It is the sacred rites and rituals of the Earth Religions and Spiritual Traditions that honor the human form and its oneness with nature. It is simply to be free and liberated and able to see with the eyes of your deepest heart.

To be naked in nature is highly symbolic, it’s about spiritual science. It is a deeply-spiritual activity that throughout the ages was by numerous nature traditions and religions in their rituals and rites. It is the giving up of oneself completely to a higher spiritual ideal. It is an ecstatic activity that brings us into intimate communion with nature and her spirits. It is the forsaking of the ego-centered ‘I’ to become a boundless and unhindered human being.

Quite simply, it is to be seen as our true selves and accepted as such in mind, body, and spirit. If we want an honest answer to the question: Who am I? We must first stand naked and be prepared to accept ourselves without reservation.

“We are all a fragment of the whole, a piece of the jigsaw, a thought in the great mind, a heartbeat of eternity”
We, as individuals are evolving, the human species is evolving, the universe itself is evolving. From the tiny sub-atomic particles to the largest galactic clusters, all have consciousness, all are evolving. The evolution of consciousness is much more than the evolution of species. It is the story of the Universe itself, from the very beginning, the first breath of God. The evolution of consciousness is the driving force of the Universe.

From an individual standpoint, it is very difficult to see this process. We see things as unfair or unlucky, we question ‘why me?’ and ‘why now?’ We do not see the bigger picture. We believe that our individual lives are the totality of existence, failing to see beyond them. We do not care for ourselves, others or the planet. We say “what do I care, I will not be around in 100 years anyway.”

Our own lives, our previous and future lives, the life of the human species itself, all are part of a much bigger process, a much bigger life. We are all a fragment of the whole, a piece of the jigsaw, a thought in the great mind, a heartbeat of eternity. To allow our individual sparks to dwindle and be blown by the four elements is a state much less satisfying than uniting our sparks with the eternally blazing and expanding fire that is pure joy.

“To be at one with nature is to be our true selves and vanish without a trace”
Although Natural Meditation is without creed or dogma, it lends itself well to earth-based philosophies, wisdom, and a system of self-beliefs. such as paganism and Druidry. It is hard to watch a rippling stream tumble over rocks, or observe the patterns and shading on a cliff face, or listen to the mighty roar of lady ocean, without feeling a sense of divine connection.

The earth way, a term borrowed from the writings of Mary Summer Rain, is about Gaia, mother nature, the great goddess, or whatever it pleases you to call her. It is about connecting with the rhythms of the planets and the seasons; it is about natural magick; it is about learning to respect the earth we live on and celebrate the magick and divinity of the stars, the heavens, the mountains, rivers, and seas. It is also about creativity and joy, and feeling ourselves part of nature, and thus a part of the whole.

“One person knowing their true place in the Universe has grasped more than a whole society with pretensions of grandeur”
Natural Meditation is above all a state of mind. It is a way of being, a way of relating to ourselves, others and the universe. It can be difficult to make changes in our lives, especially if those changes are drastic. It is much easier however to change slowly, to turn the tide.

Perhaps just by visiting this site, or perhaps acknowledging how stressed you are, or how much you are cut off from nature by pollution and urbanization. From these little seeds can grow great change. If you resonate with the natural meditation philosophy, just allow it space to expand, and before long you will see that you have turned the tide.

In our overstressed, consumerist society, it may seem difficult. It may seem like going against the flow of a raging torrent, seemingly impossible. Take heart, this raging torrent is no more than a small drop in the ocean of universal consciousness. The universe exists in an enormous, limitless even, timescale. It can afford to wait. The whole of human existence is no more than a tick on the universal clock.

Start small, notice the stars, hear the birds. Stop. If even for just a brief moment. Stop. In that brief pause, you may achieve more for your own spirit than you do in the rest of the day.