Mystics as Models January 23, 2019 July 10, 2019 as417k

Man is endowed with a mind and a heart. Although these work in unison, ever cooperating with one another, an emphasis can be placed either on the mind or on the heart. Here, we look at Mystics as Models.

So in pursuing the spiritual path, there have been those who have adopted the path of the heart rather than that of the mind and a good number of them have reached the height of spirituality that is usually referred to as mysticism.

Mystics started out the same as anybody on a path dealing with mental-emotional issues for a long, long time. Because of their sensitive nature, these mystics were ever stressing the feeling of love, not in opposition to, but instead of, the knowledge of truth.

These were the people who began as devotees immersed in rituals for the love of God or, in the case of non-religious types, as people who would engage in contemplation of the beauty of nature or creative imagination in the work of art or scientific investigation.

Whatever their pathway these mystics plunged deep into their hearts and found therein solace and abundance and hope of life. These were the people who were thoroughly overwhelmed by the wonder of the universe or the benevolence of a personable, endearing God.

Mystics related more to interpersonal relations than impersonal forces as they combated the enemies of their pursuing heart. They used the theme of love and trust more than anything else in dealing with fear and hate. Alternative healing might have had the answers as they were bridging the gap between their personal emotions and their soul’s love, these mystics were actually sanctifying their lives.

Their highlighted sense of sacrifice for the sake of divine love was transparent and well witnessed throughout the last couple of millennia as far as the Christian world is concerned. Most canonized saints of the Roman Catholic Church are of this type of person.

These mystics were emphatically engaging in self-improvement along the line of love and sacrifice and union with God. Undoubtedly humanity was very much on their hearts, yet to engage in active service in a social context was not what they were after. They were either the loyal faithful of a religious belief or the kind of citizens who would abide by the law and traditional convention avoiding conflict with anyone at all cost for the sake of their belief and divine love.

Because of their emphasis on the heart, and their rather frequent soul contact in contemplation, the mystics developed great intuitive abilities in which not wisdom, but love was singled out to be the focal point. In other words, when truth was intuited it was the love aspect and not the wisdom and spiritual energy aspects of truth that was especially given attention.

That aspect of consciousness dispensed by Christ to the delight of the mystics is, again, love instead of wisdom. It is no coincidence that mysticism began to flourish after the coming of Christ. It is also no coincidence that mystics are not well known for their clarity in understanding divine mysteries through meditation.

As heart and mind, as well as love and wisdom, cannot function separately, or independently of each other, no matter which path one takes, the eventual result would only be different in form. Identify then your own natural inclinations in the light of quantum awakening and if they are mystical, follow in the footsteps of those whom you can consult in order to walk your own unique path of mysticism.