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Meditation is, in a nutshell, a practice designed to bring about harmony and balance in the mind and body, and connect you to the natural energies within and around you. The medical profession established long ago, that the quality of one’s thoughts and feelings are directly related to how the body functions, and for those who fall sick, the speed of their recovery or whether they recover at all, can be as much to do with their mental state as the care they’re given. So let’s take a closer look at the role of Mindfulness Music and Meditation.

Meditation is a simple and natural way to use the power of the mind to rid itself of negative influences and heal and rejuvenate the body.

The Five Teachings

The courses are based on the following Teachings, and they are specially designed to deliver the benefits of Meditation in the shortest possible time.

1. Relaxation: Be shown the easy ways to quickly and effectively remove stress, restore energy, and revitalize your body.

2. Breathing: Learn specialized techniques that instantly calm and control your body, refresh your mind, and “tune-up” your entire system.

3. Chakras: Discover the awesome power of your energy centers, and become a powerhouse that brings healing to your mind and body.

4. Sound: Unlock the secrets of sounds, how they affect every aspect of your being, and how to “supercharge” the way you communicate and influence those around you.

5. Mantra: Learn the special sounds you can chant aloud or just in your mind, that will activate your energy centers and bring spiritual and material health to your life.


Mindfulness is the simple but deeply effective practice of living life in the present moment, with open-hearted attention to every experience. It reconnects the mind and heart. It bridges Spirit and Matter. This opens us to the potential for deep kindness and understanding of ourselves and others. This moment to moment awareness awakens us to a depth of clarity and peace that touches every facet of our lives.

This is not the type of “I’ll live forever” reckless abandonment to the moment, but a deep realization that what we do in the present moment creates our future and heals our past. When this is truly understood, then happiness is no longer a future goal which is always one step away from us. Happiness is available right now at this moment.

Mindfulness Meditation is the name given to the practice of retraining this ‘monkey mind’ of ours to stay present instead of constantly dwelling on the past and future, coloring how we feel in the present. Mindfulness Meditation, like Natural Meditation, is practiced for 20-30 minutes twice a day sitting comfortably on the floor or in a straight-backed chair. But the main focus of Mindfulness Meditation is to make the day the meditation, formal sitting meditation is just the practice for this.

What are the main benefits of Mindfulness Meditation? 

  • Enables you to maintain a calm inner awareness in any situation.
  • Facilitates a joyful way of being, seeing the beauty of life just as it is.
  • Dissolves the suffering the mind adds to the pain and hurt.
  • Fosters a sense of calmness, clarity, vitality and inner well-being.
  • Transforms anger, confusion, and distress into peace.
  • Facilitates clear communication in relationships.
  • Develops a state of understanding, compassion, and acceptance of ourselves and others.
  • A powerful tool in helping the dying find peace and meaning.
  • Aids in shifting to a higher level of consciousness centered in seeing things truly as they are.
  • Increased creativity and intelligence.

All this from one technique?

What more can I say?… Mindfulness Meditation is truly amazing. I started to explore meditation techniques over twenty years ago; they all had their plus points. But for me, my focus was on making the day the meditation. I wanted a way to center my mind when it became fearful and confused. When I was first taught Mindfulness Meditation, it felt like coming home… it felt like a precious gift that brought about a clarity I had not experienced before.

Can anyone practice Mindfulness Meditation?

Yes, anyone has the capability of meditating. Mindfulness Meditation is practiced by millions of people of every age, culture, and education. There’s no religious agenda with this type of meditation and you are not required to change your way of life, swallow a belief structure or give anything up. In fact, where and who you are now is the perfect place to start practicing meditation and Mindfulness. Has there ever been a more perfect moment than now?