Energy Healing October 8, 2018 July 10, 2019 as417k

Many people ask us questions about Energy Healing  These are the steps necessary to do energy healing:

A. Never, ever, work on healing someone unless they have requested it.

This is a cardinal rule in all healing modalities. The only time this rule should be broken is if a patient is comatose and the family requests help, or if you are working with your own sick child.

There are good reasons for this. First, it probably won’t do any good, because healing is ALWAYS dependent on the recipient’s belief system to be able to be healed. Second, you are apt to incur bad karma by forcing your will on someone, no matter how well-intentioned that will may be.

B. Never ever use your own energy for healing work.

There are two reasons for this. First, you deplete yourself of energy quickly and are left feeling drained, which is not a real nice place to be. Secondly, your own energy contains your own emotional garbage, which is then transferred to the client. The client may have enough problems, they do not need yours added to it.

C. Always ground yourself before starting a healing session.

This can be as simple as standing up for a few minutes with your legs apart, arms up in a V. Use your imagination. With your hands pull down the power of the Universe to your navel chakra, the solar plexus. With your feet pull up the grounding energies of Mother Earth to your naval chakra.

Let the energies flow till you feel them strongly, then mix them in your mid-section and let them flow out your legs and through the soles of your feet. Read also about how meditation will help and establish your connection to Mother Earth, and let her pull out any negative energy you might have on your own, or that you are receiving from somebody.

D. Do a brief meditation to protect and purify yourself

Take a few deep breaths and drop into Alpha. Use a short prayer of your choice to your choice of God, remembering it is your higher power. Or use a Light Invocation. One of my favorites is: I invoke the light of God within. I am a clear and perfect channel. Light is my guide.

E. Open a healing channel

Once you have gone through this exercise a few times, you can merely say “Channel open,” and it will.

Exercise: Open your crown chakra and visualize a funnel, wide end to the Universe, narrow end into your head. Now visualize Pure White Light pouring into you, as it does, change the funnel into a miniature tornado to accelerate the power. Create three channels: one from the crown through your head, through the neck, across your shoulder down your left arm, one from the crown down your right arm, both terminating into your palms. The third Channel goes directly into your heart chakra.

You are now ready to start your healing session. We would assume you have dispensed with the chit chat, and found out what the problem is.

If you have the client in front of you physically and you are doing hands-on healing, the easiest way to start is to run your dominant hand over the body, about three inches to five inches above it. You will feel the heat rising from the affected area. Once you are focused on this area, take your left hand and draw out whatever is in there, pain, infection, bacteria, et cetera. Remember to shake it out often, shake hand away from yourself. Be careful there are no pets and flowers or other living things near where you are shaking.

After you have pulled out all you could, put the right hand on the other side of the body opposite your left hand. Reach up through your open crown chakra and pull down white light energy and channel it through the route you created previously into the painful area. Always focus on the intent of starting the healing process in your client and the system of beliefs in wisdom. When the energy stops flowing, remove your hands and gently smooth the aura around your client, always working from the bottom up.

The final step is to sit facing your client and ask them to put their hands’ palms up in front of them, in their laps. Cover their hands with yours gently. Ask them to close their eyes and accept your gift of healing to feel prosperity. Open your heart chakra, use affirmations, visualize the emerald ray of healing leaving your heart and going into theirs, make absolutely sure you are still pulling Universal energy for this, and not sending your own. Stop when it feels comfortable for you to stop.

After the session, go wash your hands. Do another grounding exercise as before to be sure you dump any negative energies you might have picked up from your client. Thank your higher power for allowing you to be a channel of healing.