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Let us build a simple paradigm that will keep us in the same pew of the same church so to speak. This paradigm is nothing new, it goes back to the dawning of awareness in people. The language is merely updated and simplified. So let’s hear it from Paradigm Speakers – Basic Metaphysics.

As each of us is somebody’s child, we can be somebody’s parent also. As each is a citizen of a country, we are at the same time citizens of a continent, and to carry it to the logical conclusion, all incarnate on this dimension today are citizens of the Planet Earth. This is our physical reality.

We belong at the same time to a much larger community. We are in essence SPIRIT, having a physical manifestation, and as such we are citizens of the Omniverse.

All there is, is energy. This energy is on a continuum. Look briefly at light waves. We can see the spectrum from infrared to ultraviolet. They are all alike except in the size of the wave. Above and below this scale are many more colors we cannot see.

At a different part of the energy, spectrum is sound. Again the only difference between tones is the size of the waves. At a different part yet of the energy spectrum is thought. They too are waves, and measurable as such.

So if we just take a tiny quantum leap here and start out with basic raw energy being thought, which has the aspects of light and sound, and call that the basic building blocks of the universe within our wisdom and system of beliefs, we can construct our simple paradigm.

We have eyes, but we cannot see our own eyes, except in a mirror. What we actually do, metaphysically speaking, is project our thoughts outwards, which then crystallize in the physical world. When these thoughts are reflected back to us, we call it “Reality of Spiritual Science.” That reality is then measured, qualified, and quantified.

These physical measures are always in relation to something else, never absolute. How hot is something? In relation to what? How good is someone? In relation to whom? What time is it? In relation to what another point on earth? What is evil? As compared to what else? Our measurements are dependent on our physical senses, and on value judgments and, by definition, are our perceptions.

Even our instruments that measure reality are based on relations, not on wishful prophecies. In reality, there is no such thing as a mile. It is an arbitrary measure of distance, that we have all agreed upon. Nor is there such a thing as time; it is merely an arbitrary measure between events.

So our simple paradigm can be defined:

  • •Cause is in the realm of spirit, or if you will Spirit is of the causal plane.
  • •Being physical is actually a crystallization of thought. The link between them is MIND.

Two people looking at a yellow rose will see two different shades of yellow. Five people seeing the same accident will give five different reports of it. Three people looking at the same sunrise will see three different things and describe it differently. All of this is our perception. Because what we are seeing is not “real.” It is all a mirage, illusion, Maya, called many things throughout the ages.

The reason each perceives differently is that the event or item is actually mirrored back at us, and has to go through a lens called a “belief system.” The belief system is layers upon layers of old experiences, first imposed by adult caregivers in childhood, then added on to over the years which perhaps leads to an understanding of Quantum Awakening. Since each has a different experience, each mind is slightly different on how it looks at things through this lens.

This layering of belief systems is called “old tapes” in the psychological arena. These old tapes can be changed and modified, if you so choose. You have FREE WILL. If you do not like the outcome, change it! Choose again!

One definition of insanity is to keep doing what you did before and expect different results! Just as you perceive through the lens of your beliefs, so do you create. Your mind is the instrument of creation. Your free will chooses WHAT you want to create.

Then the mind, which is the interface between cause and effect, or spirit and manifestation, can look both ways. It looks into the Universe and pulls the building blocks, energy; then through what seems almost an alchemical transformation, the energy is given form. If we take it a step at the time, use affirmative techniques, creation is really not all that mysterious.

In a different part of this manuscript, we talked about creating file folders with every thought and emotion we have. So every time you get angry and yell at someone, the energy, and thought-form from that is put into the ‘anger’ sub-folder on the lower astral plane. Of course, every time you are loving and kind, that energy also goes into a folder, this one marked “LOVE.” Remember energy cannot be created or destroyed, it is merely channeled and recycled.

The vital point to remember is: whatever your truth is, it is YOUR TRUTH. Only those whose minds are cast in concrete work on the assumption that it is “THE TRUTH,” and that everybody’s truth is identical.

Some truths we hold in common, by agreement. For example, we all accept that the sun will rise in the east an set in the west. We believe the Earth takes 365 days to travel around the sun, and we call that time a “year.” We all believe there is a mysterious line that separates the United States and Canada, or France from Germany.

We all believe walls are solid and can’t be walked through. We all believe when we press a sequence of numbers on a box we call “telephone” we will be able to talk to someone at the other end of that device. We all believe that traveling between New York and Los Angeles will take a certain amount of time.

All of these beliefs held in common make for an orderly society. But what happens when one of the fundamental principles behind the belief is changed? There are records to show that in the dawn of time the Earth’s revolution around the sun was counted in lunar months.

And ages of people were counted by lunation. So when the Bible says a patriarch lived to be 923 years old, divide that by 13 (the number of full moons in a year ) and the man was 71 when he died. Not that unbelievable! The point is the beliefs held in common in one era, is different than the beliefs we hold today.

That line between the US and Canada, or any country and every other country is strictly political and arbitrary. It can and does change quite often, usually based on war and peace.

Time and distances aren’t quite what they are made out to be either. A brief personal story to illustrate these phenomena. It is 690 miles from the parking lot of Thompson’s Restaurant in Terre Haute Indiana, to the parking spot at my apartment complex in Alexandria Virginia. On May 2nd of 2007, I made that trip in a rental car in exactly 10 hours.

Yes, I know there is an hour’s time difference, but I was going by my watch, which was set on eastern time. I left at 1:30 PM and arrived home at 11:30 PM. The cruise control was set at 65 mph. I stopped twice for gas, twice more for comfort breaks, and stopped for dinner at 7 PM. There was road construction on I-70 through a 10 mile stretch in Ohio, with corresponding backups.

I did not actually keep track of the delays but remember it took over half an hour in the construction zone, and half an hour or so to eat. If we allow 15 minutes each to the other 4 stops, we have 2 hours of downtime. So now I traveled 690 miles in 8 hours. Friends I told this story to scoffed and tried to find ‘normal’ answers. My watch was broken, or I had looked at it wrong. My speedometer was wrong. The distance was much less. The cruise control was not working and I was speeding all the way.

Well, I know better. I was in a totally different consciousness. The friend I had gone to visit was and still is very special to me. When we hugged goodbye in the parking lot — something — happened. Both of us felt it, both of us tried to define it. Neither could really explain it. The closest I can come to explaining it is that we rent a hole in the fabric of time-space continuum. For the space of a few heartbeats we were ~someplace~ and ~sometime~ other than in a parking lot on Planet Earth.

Where were we? I don’t know But both of us will guarantee you we were NOT here/now.

Again, perception. We shared a moment of truth, that for me at least has changed my life. After that event, I never saw things in quite the same light I had before. It broadened my horizons, it made me look at everyday events a little differently. I had realized ( made ~REAL~ for me ) that time and space had “NO” meaning, other than what I gave them.

Folding time consciously became a byproduct of that moment of truth. Another barrier was removed, another piece of the cosmic jigsaw puzzle fell into place. Meditation may give you a broader perspective, but it is merely, “Another Aha Moment.

So, to wrap this section up, the truth is only truth as YOU perceive it, based on YOUR beliefs, and your experiences, and always in relation to someone else’s beliefs. The result of this is called “reality.”


Sometimes realities meet and are shared. This is what causes those warm fuzzy feelings between certain people in your life. A clue to this — often you will hear someone say ” We think alike “, that’s a sure sign that truths are looked at in the same way. Conversely, there are often word fights and hard feelings, when someone tries to impose their truth on you.

Depending on how large the ego is, and how hard it’s arrogance needs to be defended, some go to extraordinary length to “prove” they are right. Proving often goes to “facts” set down in the Bible or other references held sacred. Of course, they forget that those “facts” were someone else’s opinion! On a mass scale this, along with the power and money, is what Wars are.

It is much more mature when we don’t share someone’s true to say: That is not my truth, but I understand it is yours, and I honor your path.