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Mindfulness Music

Meditation is, in a nutshell, a practice designed to bring about harmony and balance in the mind and body, and connect you to the natural energies within and around you. The medical profession established long ago, that the quality of one’s thoughts and feelings are directly related to how the body functions, and for those who fall sick, the speed of their recovery or whether they recover at all, can be as much to do with their mental state as the care they’re given. So let’s take a closer look at the role of Mindfulness Music and Meditation.

Meditation is a simple and natural way to use the power of the mind to rid itself of negative influences and heal and rejuvenate the body.

The Five Teachings

The courses are based on the following Teachings, and they are specially designed to deliver the benefits of Meditation in the shortest possible time.

1. Relaxation: Be shown the easy ways to quickly and effectively remove stress, restore energy, and revitalize your body.

2. Breathing: Learn specialized techniques that instantly calm and control your body, refresh your mind, and “tune-up” your entire system.

3. Chakras: Discover the awesome power of your energy centers, and become a powerhouse that brings healing to your mind and body.

4. Sound: Unlock the secrets of sounds, how they affect every aspect of your being, and how to “supercharge” the way you communicate and influence those around you.

5. Mantra: Learn the special sounds you can chant aloud or just in your mind, that will activate your energy centers and bring spiritual and material health to your life.

Morning Meditation

“Morning Meditation – To be at one with nature is to be totally unconstrained by worldly conditioning”

We are running on sensory overload, disconnected from nature, each other and our spirit. Our minds are busy and our senses are bombarded from all directions. We have become de-sensitized, stressed, and unable to enjoy the simple pleasure of just being alive. Actually, the morning is a good time for meditation.

Natural Meditation is both a philosophy and a practice. It is a philosophy of freedom: the freedom to be as we really are, without social rules and self-imposed limitations. It is a philosophy of honoring the earth, and the spirit within each of us. It is a philosophy of self-development, in tune with natural cycles. Through it, we can reconnect with nature, and ultimately with our own spiritual core, the still small voice so often buried in our hurried and over-stimulated minds.

The practice of Natural Meditation is as varied as the people who practice it. It is not a religion or a dogma, but a philosophy and a way of being, already practiced by many under a different name. It is connecting with nature, refining our senses, and reaching out to touch the hand of the divine. It can be as deep or as gentle as the person who practices it, and the only requirement is an open mind and a willingness to explore.

Healing Meditation can help you

Our physical body is an interrelated collection of atoms and molecules which are energy. It is also the outward manifestation of the inner Spirit. Healing Meditation can help you unwind and get inner peace of mind.

There are many belief systems associated with this concept, most of them coming from eastern mysticism and adapted for the western mind. See also how Dr. Oz explains how to reduce stress and anxiety if you would take just a few minutes each day and concentrate on your breathing.

Within these systems, there are complex hierarchies which a serious student can peruse at leisure. Each of those rainbow colors is centered in an energy vortex called a *Chakra.* The *Aura* also belongs here, for it is part of the energy system of the body.

The Aura is the most visible outer part of the inner being. It can be seen by sensitives and felt by many. Think in terms of *vibes.* It is nothing more than sensing a person’s aura.

Wisdom and a System of Beliefs

This “Dialogue” is a brief sketch of how one may appropriate the wisdom found in a system of beliefs, a religion/faith or a paradigm of existence that is different from one’s own.

The intention here is to grasp the wisdom of the other that addresses and/or illuminates the profound depths of our own life experiences and beliefs.

This wisdom may be found in the poetry, symbols, mythology, and rituals of the other. We then have another basis for relating to the profound mystery and depth of our own life.

We also may have another symbol system, or poetry, for describing that experience. In western civilization, it is the Hebrew, Greek and Roman perspectives which form much of the basis for western thought and culture.

Identity Matrix and Spiritual Science

In science, just as in any other aspect of the beautiful matrix of life, a question gives birth to another question, an idea creates another idea, and until a certain idea or thought can be accumulated, other ideas and questions pop up, just as they were there all along and waited to be harvested. So here, we’ll take a closer look at Identity Matrix and Spiritual Science.

As we’re heading towards the year 2020, many ideas and issues arise in the minds of the people of planet earth: judgment day, the coming of the space people, all sorts of apocalypses, consciousness transformation, the antichrist, and so forth.

Prophecy Update

From the time man first looked at the stars, sitting in front of his cave at night, the questions have been: Who am I? Why am I here? Where am I going? How am I going to get there? What will I find when I arrive? Based on these deep yearnings in the heart of every human, prophets have arisen to fill the void. This post is a prophecy update.

Bookshelves are filled with prophetic writings such as the Judeo-Christian Bible, Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, Mother Shipton. These are the more famous ones. There is a gaggle of others, some of them chattering like geese, others to be studied seriously. But what is a prophecy? Does it bind us to predestination? Does it negate free will?

We, all of us, are spirit beings who have a body in this time and space on a planet we call Earth. As a spirit, we are citizens of a Multidimensional Omniverse. In the Multidimensional, there are many levels or planes. The serious student can read about the many levels and their numbering systems.

What are Affirmations?

One of the first people who used affirmations in modern times was the French psychologist Dr. Albert Coue who had his patients affirming: “Every day in every way I am getting better and better.” So let’s check out: What are Affirmations?

This was after he found that, “we repeat with monotonous regularity the morbid sub-patterns of our thoughts.” Today we know: “Your belief system comes out of your mouth.”

Not without a reason, affirmations are used by creative people, professionals, businesspeople, people seeking happiness or even students who dropped out of high school and are in the process of getting the GED diploma, says Chris from Best Classes for GED Prep website. Affirmations are one of the things we tell students to get familiar. They work like a charm.

Affirmations evolved to “treatments” in some of the metaphysical churches. The fundamental difference between treatment and affirmation is one you do yourself the other a practitioner does for you.

Psychologists tell us that when you want to change behavior, the more of your five physical senses are involved with it, the easier it is to change. Affirmations are based on this truth with a metaphysical slant.

How to use Affirmations

Print your affirmations based on the above guidelines with a magic marker so it’s easy to see (especially if you wear glasses). Commit 21 days to this project.

Psychologists have found that’s the length of time to change any habit. Make sure you have at least two dozen copies of the affirmation and only focus on one affirmation at a time.

Place a copy EVERYWHERE you will see it often during the day. Prop or scotch-tape one up next to your bed, where you will see it just before going to sleep and the first thing on awakening (try the lampshade).

Tape one to your bathroom mirror, one above your toilet paper holder. Think of everywhere you spend any part of your day and put one there.

Here is a partial list to get you started:

Paradigm Speakers – Basic Metaphysics

Let us build a simple paradigm that will keep us in the same pew of the same church so to speak. This paradigm is nothing new, it goes back to the dawning of awareness in people. The language is merely updated and simplified. So let’s hear it from Paradigm Speakers – Basic Metaphysics.

As each of us is somebody’s child, we can be somebody’s parent also. As each is a citizen of a country, we are at the same time citizens of a continent, and to carry it to the logical conclusion, all incarnate on this dimension today are citizens of the Planet Earth. This is our physical reality.

We belong at the same time to a much larger community. We are in essence SPIRIT, having a physical manifestation, and as such we are citizens of the Omniverse.

All there is, is energy. This energy is on a continuum. Look briefly at light waves. We can see the spectrum from infrared to ultraviolet. They are all alike except in the size of the wave. Above and below this scale are many more colors we cannot see.

Emotional Rescue – Shen Chi

Let’s repeat what the basic concept EFT-Emotional Freedom Techniques is based on: “The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system”. So when we look at Emotional Rescue – Shen Chi can help reach that Emotional Freedom.

First prove it to yourself: Think of a deep hurt or traumatic experience in your past. If it was severe enough, and you are sufficiently in tune with your body, you will feel a tightness in your chest or queasiness in your stomach as you merely recall the incident.

This slight or major physical sensation is actually a disturbance in your energy body, like the ripples created on the smooth surface of a pond when you drop a stone into it.