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Shen Chi is an alternative new age healing modality that’s based on ancient Chinese meridians. It is helpful for stress,  emotional problems, anger, anxiety, fear, and/or addictions. Great for children. Also for traditional healing methods. Do here, let’stake a closer look at one of the most promising Alternative Healing Solutions – Shen Chi.

Disease is very simply what the word implies, dis-ease. The body is out of ease, it has lost is the balance, its homeostasis. In the domain of metaphysics, working in the healing realm requires that one must first understand “illness.”

Illness can be described as a result of thought patterns and negative beliefs. It can be like buying into mass belief as advertised many times in the mass media such as: “This is flu and cold season.” Or it can be the result of deep-seated hurts, anger and unresolved conflicts internalized over a period of time.

The “MIND” is the interface between the SPIRIT (causal plane) and BODY (manifest physical plane). For instance, Cancer is real. The disease is verifiable. It shows up as real in blood tests, x-rays, and biopsies. Of course, it does.
It is negative beliefs crystallized into the material world where it can be measured by material instruments.

It is an effect, NOT a cause. The cause of all disease is our “stinking’ thicken’.” Our spirit is whole, complete and perfect. Our fears, which are ego related; will, over a period of time, manifest as an illness. Which illness it manifests is related to the types of fears. It’s all about energy healing. Volumes have been written about this.

Let us take a brief example to show this point:

Back Pain
This manifests in many ways. Ruptured discs, pulled muscles, whiplash, myriad backaches. The spine metaphorically represents the support of life. Pain in the lower back represents fear of money or lack of financial support. Pain in the middle back represents guilt or being “stuck” in stuff, as in ‘”get off my back” feelings. Pain in the upper back represents a lack of emotional support or feelings of being unloved.

Since all diseases start in thoughts and emotions, curing them has to be done at the level of thoughts and emotions. Curing is always done at cause, not effect.

Pain, which is effect, may respond to an aspirin temporarily. However, the pain will keep returning until the underlying cause is removed. That is why metaphysical healers say, “There is nothing to be healed, only God to be revealed.” What that means is let go of your fears and respond with Love. Once you do, you are back in stasis, or balance: whole, complete and perfect.

There are many forms of Alternative Healing In every case the healing practitioner is the “channel” for Universal Healing Power, only the modalities differ. It is vital to understand that in every case it is not the practitioner doing the healing! Your BELIEF is what heals you. Meditation might do the trick! And its the belief in the ability, NOT the belief in the practitioner. Although it is true that the closer the bond or connection is between you and the practitioner, the easier the healers can do their work in facilitating the healing.

This truth is exemplified by Jesus when he healed. Go back to the Christian Bible and read the stories of healing in the New Testament. In all cases, Jesus said: “Your faith has made you whole.” Never did he say, “You are welcome, I healed you.”

There is a debate within the Alternative Healing Community of whether or not to charge for service. It is believed that healing is a gift, and just like psychic ability and intuition, everybody has it to a degree. However, many practitioners have spent much time and money preparing themselves by developing these gift.

Most would never turn anybody away who seeks help because they do not have the financial means. However, it’s the honorable thing to offer recompense when a healer is working with you. It shows your intent, your commitment, and your seriousness. The “energy exchange” completes the circuit. The exchange does not have to be in the form of cash, but it should be of equal perceived value.