What are Affirmations? September 10, 2018 July 10, 2019 as417k

One of the first people who used affirmations in modern times was the French psychologist Dr. Albert Coue who had his patients affirming: “Every day in every way I am getting better and better.” So let’s check out: What are Affirmations?

This was after he found that, “we repeat with monotonous regularity the morbid sub-patterns of our thoughts.” Today we know: “Your belief system comes out of your mouth.”

Not without a reason, affirmations are used by creative people, professionals, businesspeople, people seeking happiness or even students who dropped out of high school and are in the process of getting the GED diploma, says Chris from Best Classes for GED Prep website. Affirmations are one of the things we tell students to get familiar. They work like a charm.

Affirmations evolved to “treatments” in some of the metaphysical churches. The fundamental difference between treatment and affirmation is one you do yourself the other a practitioner does for you.

Psychologists tell us that when you want to change behavior, the more of your five physical senses are involved with it, the easier it is to change. Affirmations are based on this truth with a metaphysical slant.

An affirmation is a clear and concise statement, written in the present tense, of something you wish to happen in your life. It is looking beyond the appearances of what things seem to be, and setting new causation in motion, by focusing your intent, your will, and your belief on it.

All three components are vital for it has to be done in a spirit of an “attitude of gratitude” giving thanks that this is already so. The mind does NOT know the difference between a wish and an accomplishment, only the intellect judging through its five senses does.

First, it must be believable to YOU. Everything in our life is based on what we believe about ourselves. The way we choose to see the world creates the world we see is an ancient adage, and genuine. Thackeray: “Our world is like a looking glass. To every man, it gives back a true reflection of their thoughts.”

No matter how many times you say, ” I want a million dollars in a paper bag,” it will not manifest if your belief about yourself is that you are poor, or that all businessmen are crooks and only want to keep the working man in oppression; that no one is willing to hire you for a living wage, that everyone is out to use you.

If you cannot envision having a million dollars, start with a thousand, or a hundred, whatever figure YOU can accept for YOU. If you can’t handle taking a bucket out of the ocean, start with a thimble.

If you are working on prosperity, say, “I am now abundantly blessed with a financial income that not only meets my requirements but gives me extra, enough to spare and share.”

Second, it must be written in the present tense. I AM the most powerful words in the English language. Whatever follows behind those two words is yours. In mind, there is no time. That is our arbitrary measure between events and based on the ego/intellect NOT on spirit/soul.

So if you are working on getting a job, for example, say, “I AM now gainfully employed in a position that is fun and challenging to me, where I can put all of my talents to use. What is abundance? I am paid well for doing an excellent job.

Third, it must be in the positive. The Universe does NOT understand the word NO. NO is strictly an ego/intellect word, one of judgment. God or the universe (your choice of labels) know only to say Yes and Amen. So if you say, ” I don’t want to be poor,” the universe figuratively shrugs its shoulders and says, don’t know why he wants to be poor, but here, here’s a whole bunch of poor.” Where you put, your energy is what you bring forth into creation.

So if you are working on a health issue say, “I AM now in radiant health. All of my physical systems are functioning normally. And what about prosperity? I am bursting with energy and vitality.

Fourth, don’t outline. Let the universe fill in the blanks. You, working out of your ego/intellect, usually don’t know what is best for you. Ever hear this oldie, “Be careful what you wish for you may get it.” That’s folk wisdom based on this principle. Don’t say, “I love George/Mary so much he/she is my perfect mate, and I want her to be mine forever. Yes, there are ways of getting what you think you want, but it might be your worst nightmare.

So if you are working on a relationship issue say, “I AM now in a perfect union with my right mate. Our spirits are joined in harmony and love, and this is expressed in the physical world where we draw all we meet into the circle of our love.

You have free will and you have the power of intent.

You have the power of imagination and you have access to the power of the universe. It can deny you nothing once you know how to access it.